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We sat smack dab right in front of where the microphone was and eagerly awaited the mistress of groovy electronic bossa nova and so much more. As she sauntered out with her sultry Being emanating such feminine power, I was in awe. I felt like a VIP looking up at her soft features and angelic petite body.


Brazilian bossa nova singer Bebel Gilberto bares her soul in Hong Kong

A cool reception in Hong Kong fails to dampen the spirits of the fiery Brazilian bossa nova star. She tells Kylie Knott about growing up as a Gilberto, dealing with a disruptive disease and being an artist in the time of social media


A moment with … Bebel Gilberto, bossa nova singer-songwriter

“To someone who’s never heard bossa nova… it’s like kissing and listening to the sea in the background with birds flying around.”


Bebel Gilberto – Time Out Hong Kong

Bebel isn’t one to rest on her laurels though as she tells us. “Music is about constantly renewing and reinventing yourself”, she muses, and her busy tour schedule reflects that aptly.


Backstage Pass: The Brilliance of Bebel Gilberto

Following her concert last week, the Brazilian bossa nova beauty tells us about her musical endeavours and why Hong Kong feels like home


Quintessentially Lifestyle Brings Bebel Gilberto to Hong Kong

Bebel Gilberto is not just a Brazilian superstar; she is, in her own words, a fighter. Flown over to Hong Kong to perform at an exclusive event Quintessentially Lifestyle hosted in partnership with The Landmark Mandarin Oriental and White Cube, Gilberto had the day prior to leaving fallen and injured herself in her hometown of New York.


Brazil’s Gilberto sums up a life’s experiences on ‘Tudo’

Bebel Gilberto is a prolific assimilator. She was born into the first family of Brazilian pop, then shuttled between Rio de Janeiro and New York City as a child before finally relocating stateside in her 20s. She’s since crafted a personal style informed by her international view and the talents of many assorted collaborators.

Rhythm Passport

Review – Barbican Centre

Bebel Gilberto loves to be desired. She gives you an appointment, then lets you wait for her in company with her outstanding musicians. But once she shows up, she turns the night upside-down! That’s what happened at the Barbican during the only gig that the Brazilian artist had in the UK this year.


“Tomas Maier Celebrates New Store”

The night’s real chemistry, though, was reserved for Maier and Bebel Gilberto, the evening’s surprise performance. She serenaded the designer before she leapt on the piano, vamping it up for guests.


‘Bebel Gilberto une de Tom Jobim a Neil Young’ by Isabel De Luca

NOVA YORK – Bebel Gilberto tá que tá, como ela mesma gosta de dizer. Botou os copos de vinho rosé no freezer, comprou vários queijos, checou o som. Ela recebe o GLOBO em casa, em Nova York, para uma audição comentada — e põe comentada nisso — do disco “Tudo”, que a Sony lança na próxima terça-feira.